Reiki Wellness Therapy

Each human being has their own individual energy field which is deeply integrated at their Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels. This energy field is called the Biofield of the person.

Reiki Wellness Therapy taps into the Biofield of the individual to enhance their holistic well-being. It involves the Therapist or Healer tapping into the Universal Life Force Energy and directing it towards the recipient. Reiki energy then works at the Physical and Metaphysical levels to create wellness, and wherever required, even accelerate the healing process of the recipient.

Reiki Wellness Therapy can be availed by:

Healthy people for energizing and experiencing deep relaxation.

People with health issues for healing of any and every ailment.

The process can be effected in two ways:

Hands on Reiki

Distance Reiki

The first one involves the therapist laying hands on the person receiving therapy.
Distance Reiki is used when the person is in a different demographic location. The effect and power of both types of therapies is the same.

They both focus on activating and aligning the Chakras which are the superfine energy centres in our body, and facilitate the flow of consciousness & energy from one part of the body to another in a spiralling fashion. They interact with the physical body through the Endocrine System & the Nervous System. Many of us are not aware that the Endocrine system influences almost every cell, organ and function of our body. It is instrumental in regulating moods, development, tissue function, metabolism, sexual function & reproductive processes.

One of the characteristics of energy is to be in a state of equilibrium. When there is a disease (dis–ease) or mental upset, it is simply a dis-equilibrium of energy. Reiki re-activates the Chakras and brings them into alignment & harmony thereby effecting Wellness and Healing

Minimum 3 to 5 sessions are recommended for considerable results.
One may request for a longer period of therapy as well.
It is an effective alternative therapy as well as supportive therapy, and can be safely used along with any medical treatments.