Life Coaching

YOU are a unique wonderful human being, perfect and appropriate wherever you are in life. And there is always scope to evolve thereon, if one so chooses. A Life Coach facilitates that journey.

Playing the role of a catalyst, we create along with you the synergy to work towards the grandest version of the vision you have created for yourself.

The technique used by Fifth Element involves dowsing the person into their own consciousness and digging out the answers from the depths of their cellular intelligence. We guide you to identify your own current innate truth and then say, “This is where you are. Now where would you like to go from here? Let us start the journey.”

We facilitate the process, while hand holding you with firmness and compassion.. ..

One does not need to have issues in life, to go for Life Coaching

Often we are not even aware of issues and patterns in our life due to our own blind spots, or in some cases, denial of its very existence. These could be influencing and affecting our performance in various other areas of life, while we are conveniently oblivious of their presence.

One commonality is that we all want to live a better life. Life Coaching enables one to unearth the leader within.

To know if you should go for Life Coaching, have an enquiry within and find your answer:

Am I truly satisfied with life, or am being resigned to it?

Do I love and respect myself?

How is my physical, emotional, financial health?

Do I know my unique abilities, my hidden resources, and how to utilise them?

Are there some recurring events / patterns in my life?

Is life treating me fair?

How fulfilling are my relationships – personal and professional?

Who can avail of the Life Coaching?




How Life Coaching came about?

Many years ago, life took me through a roller coaster ride. Nothing seemed to be going right. It all started with a wrong choice of life partner. And obviously this impacted every other area of my life.

For a long time I was in denial that this was happening to me. Though blessed with truly caring and understanding people in my life, what came up (all with genuine sincere intent) was a mix of sympathy, support, preaching, judgments, compassion …. I realised they could not even fathom what I was going through. My self-worth went to ground zero. I was seeking answers.
And then I started coming in contact with some of the best teachers /guides / masters who facilitated my journey inwards to the source of my answers, showing me the way forward. As I took charge of my life, it brought in my own healing and transformation. Compassion and wisdom began to flow and I found my life purpose.

This is how the Life Coach inside me was born…